Currie Journal of Knowledge


We encourage scholars to produce original, insightful, engaging and bold Knowledge Modules that demonstrate a significant “value-added” contribution to the dissemination of their field’s knowledge (materials taught for class or research results).

A screencast/video is a digital video and audio recording of what occurs on a scholar’s computer screen, and it can be used to create a simple voice-over PowerPoint slides or sophisticated, information-rich multimedia presentations.  Scholars should strive to produce original, insightful, engaging and bold teaching screencast/video that demonstrate a significant “value-added” contribution to the dissemination of the field’s knowledge.  Screencasts become knowledge modules upon acceptance by the Cascade Journal of Knowledge.

To be included in the submission:

  1. Screencast/video title.
  2. Screencast/video – three to eight (3-8) minutes in length.
  3. Abstract – a maximum of 150 words.
  4. Keywords- a maximum of eight (8) words or short phrases.
  5. Learning Outcomes – three to five learning outcomes expected from the screencast.
  6. References – standard (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) referencing style for discipline.
  7. List of five potential reviewers who are without conflict of interest.

No image, name or affiliation of the scholar can be included in a screencast/video.  If the screencast/video is accepted for publication, name, affiliation and bio will be added along with a transcription of the screencast/video.

to submit screencast/video.

Suggested content framework for a screencast/video:

  1. Topic introduction.
  2. Contextualize the knowledge module topic in the body of knowledge.
  3. Topic definition.
  4. Topic explained.
  5. Example or scenario of the knowledge module topic.
  6. Topic review.

Screencast/video software.
There are numerous screencast/video software options, both free and subscription-based.  Suggested features when considering screencast/video software:

  • Easy to use first.
  • Record system audio and microphones.
  • Mouse movement recording and editing.
  • Built-in audio/video editor.
  • Export videos to popular formats with high quality.